Silent Traveler
Early on I decided not to pursue photography from a commercial perspective, but from a fine art perspective.

I strive to provoke viewers with dream-like images that will intrigue them, and then step back to let each viewer draw his own conclusion.

Through specific subject matter and a variety of techniques, I create a juxtaposition that makes familiar images appear to be slightly unfamiliar. This approach creates an intellectual and emotional interaction between me and my audience.

I have always been fascinated by the manipulation of the photographic image. Although I have great appreciation for the purist style (Ansel Adams and Edward Weston) I am intrigued by the possibilities of exploring the photographic image after the image has been captured on film by a camera. The process gives me the capability to express my personal vision.

I have developed a variety of unique techniques that act as a catalyst to transform what I see in the camera to what I present as the final print. I work in three distinct disciplines:

Black and white
The absence of color in a black and white photograph can make a far more dramatic interpretation of a visual image. The black and white photographic image relies on highlights, shadow detail and tonal range to make the image come alive. I strive to maximize the integration of these variables.

Hand-colored black and white
Hand-coloring offers me both freedom of expression and a hands-on feeling of involvement. It allows for highly imaginative interpretation somewhere between reality and fantasy. There is a visual feel to the process that's unique and surreal.

I see the world in color so it is natural that color photography is my standard of realism. Combining colors in photography gives me the ability to juxtapose complimentary hues. Light reflects off of objects in an infinite number of ways. Additionally, the quality of light (weather, time of day, direction) and its application and manipulation takes the photographic image to its highest level.

I have come to believe that an artist is supposed to get to the heart of the matter – and that matter is who and what they are – and to forget the rest. To remain true to myself as an artist and not to create my work based on the judgment and acceptance of others is how I measure my success. I believe that nurturing my trust in my intuition has allowed me to grow creatively.

Everything that is meaningful comes from the heart and soul.